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Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 2:33 pm  |  3 Comments »


Brake check!

53° and windy. Not my favorite riding weather, but I need to get them in when I can. I have a little bit of gear, but it is right on the cusp of not being enough. I have riding tights a long sleeve Starter shirt from Wally World and a riding jersey. To help keep my core warmer I took a plastic grocery bag and flattened it, folded it in half and tucked it up under my jersey to block the wind from the center area of my chest. This helps me a great deal. Thus equipped I took of to just get some miles in. No personal record setting paces today…too much wind. About a mile and a half into it I am approaching a street which crosses the main drag I am on. I have no stop sign, they do. Evidently my BRIGHT RED JERSEY was not enough to catch one SUVs eye as they proceeded to cross right in front of me. I had to slow down pretty abruptly or become a hood ornament. It wouldn’t have been pretty… I mean, I know I was wearing Santa Clause RED , but usually folks will just put a big RED RIBBON on their vehicle, who would want me as a Christmas hood ornament?  Not pretty at all.  The rest of the ride was chilly but uneventful.

Garmin Details:


  • Type: Cycle
  • Date: 12/03/2009
  • Time: 14:33:12
  • Total Time: 1:04:45.17
  • Average Heart rate: 170
  • Max Heart rate: 183
  • Calories: 1175
  • Distance: 19.7 miles
  • Average Speed: 18.25 mph
  • Max Speed: 33.43 mph
  • Ascent: 905.57 ft
  • Descent: 889.4 ft

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Brake check!

December 4th, 2009 8:31 am

frauschmittle says:

Sad that it is getting chilly - I am wuss in the cold. Good for you for getting out anyway. Cars really don’t think about us runners/bikers, do they? I think it is because if they don’t ride/run themselves they have no perspective on close they really are and how our brakes/acceleration, etc. works a bit differently than theirs. I ride a motorcycle and when I started it really opened my eyes when I was driving to bikers and to be honest I hadn’t even thought twice about it much prior to riding myself. Glad everything turned out ok, would hate to see you scraped off the hood like bug guts - especially wearing Santa Clause RED.

December 4th, 2009 1:41 pm

princessrn320 says:

53! You Wendy whiner! Having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! Love the ingenuity to use the bags! Chirstmas hood ornament choices, Mike or Rudolph? Maybe they were going for out of the ordinary!

December 4th, 2009 3:30 pm

jimgrant says:

I would recomend a Slice windbreaker by Pearl in Flamming Yellow! Man! mine glows in the dark and you won’t need the plastic bag. The jacket over a thermo top and you’ll be set for another 10 degree drop. Really!


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